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About a year ago, I started focusing more and more on my kid's education. I realized that they needed to have great opportunities if they wanted to succeed in life, so I started encouraging them every day to focus on their studies. It was really incredible to see the difference that it made, and before I knew it, they were doing a lot better in their classes. I wanted to start a blog for other parents about improving their children's education, so that you can resolve problems proactively and effectively. Check out this blog for great information that could change your life.

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After Preschool: Extend The Learning At Home

Preschool doesn't have to stop when your child physically leaves the school building. There are plenty of ways to carry on the learning at home. This doesn't mean you have to homeschool your child. Instead, take a look at these tips for continuing your little learner's pre-k education — with help from her teacher:

Ask for a Book List

Chances are that your child is reading (or at least paging through) more than a few books every day at school. Developing early literacy skills sets your child on a course to become a life-long reader and helps her to build a love of books at a young age. Instead of just guessing what she wants to read, talk to the preschool teacher and ask which books your child is drawn to or which ones focus on concepts that they're learning in the classroom.

Of course, you can always ask your child which books she enjoys. But it's possible that her response will go something like, "You know, the one Ms. Jones read after snack time. The one with the bear and the mouse. And I think there was an ocean, or maybe a lake. I think it was a swimming pool." Your preschooler's response may leave you guessing. And that's why talking to the teacher is absolutely essential.

Expand On Artwork

Look at those finger paintings, collages, and crayon drawings that your child brings home. Ask her how she made each piece of artwork and what materials she used. Start there and create your own mini art lesson.

For example, if your child used tempera paints to mix colors, ask her which hues she started with. Chances are that she used the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow). Instead of precisely recreating the activity, use those paint colors for your child to make another type of artwork. Did she finger paint the first one? Okay, then use brushes or rollers at home.

You can also change the subject of the artwork, the theme or swap in a few new materials. That may mean that you ask your child to use paints to recreate the animal crayon drawing she made at school or that you have her sculpt a letter that she drew with markers.

Science Smarts

There are plenty of easy ways to translate preschool classroom science lessons into the home setting. Talk to the teacher, asking them to give you a rundown on what topics the class is tackling. Look for everyday ways to illustrate these concepts at home. This might mean discussing solid to liquid transformations while you're cooking in the kitchen or talking about gravity when your preschooler accidentally drops her cup during dinner.

Your child's learning day doesn't need to end after preschool is over. From reading books and making art to exploring science in the kitchen, you can extend her education and reinforce concepts that she's covering at school.

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