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About a year ago, I started focusing more and more on my kid's education. I realized that they needed to have great opportunities if they wanted to succeed in life, so I started encouraging them every day to focus on their studies. It was really incredible to see the difference that it made, and before I knew it, they were doing a lot better in their classes. I wanted to start a blog for other parents about improving their children's education, so that you can resolve problems proactively and effectively. Check out this blog for great information that could change your life.

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4 Benefits Of An All-Girls School

Single-gendered schools, such as an all-girls catholic school, have several benefits that your child may not find in a coed school. From positive peer image to academic success and trying new roles to solid friendships, here are a few of the reasons that you should consider an all-girls school. 

Girls See Other Girls In Every Position 

While strides towards equality are being made, it is still difficult to find girls in many traditionally male roles. For example, in coed schools, the STEM field is likely to be dominated by males with only a sprinkling of females. However, in an all-girls school, every role is filled by a girl. The best athletes, science and math students, and student body president are all girls. This gives a powerful set of role models to new girls entering the school as they can see themselves in any of these positions during their academic career. 

Girls Feel More Comfortable Taking On a Variety of Roles

Because there are no male students, every role in school is filled by a girl. This means that on school projects, a girl will not be relegated to the position of the recorder or feel like she is stepping on a boy's toes when she asks to be the leader. Taking away the pressure of traditional gender roles and adding a need for more girls to step up in projects and school life can make girls grow more comfortable voicing their opinions and taking the roles they actually want in life instead of the ones they think they belong in. 

It Is Easier to Focus On Academics

In many coed schools, the focus of the classroom is flirtation and dating rather than academics. However, most single-gender schools have a longstanding culture that places the focus on academic success. This leads to more efficient classroom time and better academic outcomes for students, such as higher grades and greater college acceptance rates among students. 

Social Interaction Revolves Around Strong Friendships As Opposed to Dating

However, all-girls schools are not only about academics. Most single-gender schools understand the importance of developing social skills alongside academic skills. But instead of the social skills focusing around dating, they tend to focus on communicating with peers and building strong, healthy friendships. This can help build a girl's self esteem and give her deep, meaningful friendships that she will likely carry with her throughout her entire life.